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If it was a paddock basher you found in a shed, or a shiny new showroom model you saved your hard-earned for, no one forgets their first two- wheeled love. Show us yours!

This issue’s coolest six have picked themselves up an Oxford Cable Lock and Fred’s fave gets an IPONE Care Kit, all thanks to the team at Ficeda Accessories!

I first rode a Yamaha AG100 in my early teens, it was yellow and a tough machine and although it was nothing special, it led me to my love of bikes with my first ever purchase of a new 2001 Honda NSR150. Scott Deefholts

Not my first bike but close. 1975, my old bike, my old dog and my old man. I’ve still got 2 of them. The dog has passed but she got to see plenty of Australia on this bike, Townsville-Darwin, Darwin-Brisbane etc. etc. Glenn Heers

Back in 1977. A CB360 with a 6 speed. I was 17 and nine months old, and I was able to ride it to school for the last term. The principal couldn’t believe you can ride before you can drive. David Baker

This is my first bike, a Honda CBR fire blade. It was an awesome bike to learn on and loved it. If it wasn’t for R1s I’m most probably would have kept it. Brendan Yates

It was the summer of ’69. I was 16 and had just seen ‘Easy Rider’ so every penny of my allowance had to be spent on “chopping” the old Beezer C15 250 single. Russ O’Connell

I worked after school and saved up for my first bike. It was a kit bike, powered by a zip-start 125 Victa mower engine. Dad took a lot of talking around, but he ended up helping me build it. 47 years later, and after about 20 bikes, the smile remains the same. Kent Lorking

Send Fred a photo of the first bike you ever owned or rode. If you don’t have a pic of the first, he’ll accept one of the first. Email your entry to comps@amcn. and make sure you include your full name and postal address so we can send you out your loot!