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Here is a pic of me washing my first bike when I was just 17, crazy how you could ride big bikes when you first got your licence back then, I’m not 63 years old.  Barry Waugh

I lost my right arm in accident 23 years ago but decided to get back in the saddle, could say it’s like my first ride again. Corey Wright

In 1983 the Kawasaki GPZ1100 advertised 105hp at the rear wheel – I had to have one! This picture taken in December 1983 with my family in Wollongong.  Jeff Devjak

(FRED’S FAVE ) A photo of me on my second bike, a Suzuki GSX 250 with my brother on his in 1983. The GSX was a big difference from my Yamaha XS250 which was my first bike. My brother has passed but I am still riding.  Shane Broomhall

This is not a picture of my first roadbike, but it was a good feeling finally having a licence and the right bike to go with it – didn’t last for very long though!  Joel McDonald

My Fist half-decent bike was a Yamaha TT500, but it was knocked off before I could wear out the rear tyre.  Alan Buckley