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Josh Brookes: Short and Sweet | EVENTS

Australia's Josh Brookes tells it how it is on board his Milwaukee BMW post Jerez and Aragon tests.

The end of your first test on the Milwaukee BMW: What’s your overall feeling?


Were you happy with your lap times compared to the WorldSBK regulars?

Not at this point, but it’s only the second day on the bike.

Did you attempt a race simulation just to get a feel for how the S 1000 RR performs over 40 minutes of constant action?

We are working to find a base setup for the bike and giving myself and the team a moment to settle in to the new surroundings. It’s a big process and race simulation is something we’ll do when we’ve reached the final stages of all aspects of team and bike set up.


What are the key things you’ll be working on for the next test?

Continue working for a base chassis setup so we have a platform to build from. Plus engine brake programming and character as this has a huge influence on the overall feel and action of the bike.

Does the S 1000 RR feel a lot different to the YZF-R1 you rode last year? If so, in what way?

The BMW is surprisingly similar to the R1 but I can’t compare too much at this early stage as it’s just 2 days on the BMW compared with a full season of racing on the R1

Is the S 1000 RR an ‘easy’ bike to ride, notwithstanding that it packs a decent horsepower punch?

At this moment in time it’s the same as any other new bike I’ve ridden. We have a bit of work to do, but we have two days next week at Aragon and two days at the Phillip Island test in race week.

How do you think the S 1000 RR will perform at Phillip Island?

We have as much chance as anyone else on the grid!

Post Brooke’s Aragon test he had this to add:

“We had a weather affected test on day one in Aragon with high winds. I am new to that circuit, so did 62 laps in the awkward conditions.

“Day 2 was still windy but much better. We worked on a number of setting but the focus at first was on throttle connection/power delivery feeling.

Once this was at an acceptable level the attention was turned to the rear suspension, but a good compromise wasn’t found. Without the Ohlins service truck on site, we couldn’t make any internal shock changes so it was impossible to correct the problems I was having on that circuit.

All considered, we are bridging the gap to the established teams and riders and we have a good plan for the Phillip island test.”