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Karma drone, Karma Grip and HERO5 Black action cam

With AMCN’s AUSTest sportsbike shootout just weeks away, we wanted to make sure we had the ability to catch all the action from every angle. Luckily, GoPro has sent us a test unit of its new Karma drone, Karma Grip and HERO5 Black action cam.

The Karma drone, Karma Grip camera stabilising gimbal and top-of-the-range HERO5 Black camera are sold in a single pack, which also includes a selection of accessories and a battery charger. The whole lot fits neatly into a lightweight protective backpack to become a mobile film production unit that allows you to capture all the action from the sky, the ground and on-board. Check out the AMCN web page for our first test runs of the kit, and look out for video updates on Instagram, Facebook and our website throughout this year’s AUSTest, scheduled for mid-August.


$1349.95 Karma drone, includes Karma Grip and HERO5 Black camera.

Individual items can be purchased separately.

HERO5 Black camera $569.95

Karma Grip $459.95