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Hard-arse sunnies: unbreakable Gloryfy

Thwacking your sunnies with a hammer and stamping on them isn’t usually recommended by the manufacturer – but the distributor of

the Gloryfy range of sunglasses was encouraging hundreds of people (who passed by the brand’s trade stand at Phillip Island recently) to do so – and as hard and as often as they dared. You see, the key feature of these hard-nutter beauties is that both the frame and lenses are unbreakable.

The arms are designed to come off under impact and are easily clicked back into place. The Austrian-made sunglasses, which are endorsed by MotoGP rider Stefan Bradl, come with a shatter-proof lens with 100 percent UVA/UVB protection. The lens is claimed to be ballistics rated (we didn’t have a gun at hand to test it!) to protect your eyes from high-impact projectiles or impacts.

I’ve been wearing the G5 PRO sunnies every day for the past few months and the first thing one notices is how light and comfortable they are.

I have a wide forehead and finding sunnies that don’t sit comically high on the bridge of my nose is usually a struggle.

The G5 PRO is so wide and the lenses so capacious you’d have to have a head the shape of a watermelon for them not to fit well. They also have just the right amount of lateral give and flexible flat arms – which all help to get a snug fit inside your helmet. I’ve worn the Gloryfy sunnies with both open and full face helmets and there are no pressure spots or air seepage around the lenses to complain of. The Precision Optics technology also eliminates distortion. Perhaps the handiest feature is the interchangeable lens. Even though they fit snugly inside the frame, they’re a doddle to remove and the yellow lens (one of the many tints available as optional extras) has saved my bacon many times at night, where wearing dark-tint sunnies would be hazardous.

Unbreakable Gloryfy sunglasses stand up to all sorts of punishment

You can also get polarised, transition, prescription and special anthracite lenses. The G5 PRO comes with a clip-on sweat protector on the forehead, which is particularly useful for cycling and jogging. The sunnies also look stylish and you’ll never have to worry about accidentally sitting or standing on them.

Gloryfy G5 PRO Black sunglasses: $263.95
Frame colours: Black/Black, Pro Red /Black, Air Black, Air Green, Purple Rain, White, Peter Haberle Oxygen Red, Orange Air. (Sunnies also come with hard case and soft cleaning cloth).

Extra lenses:Clear and olive for $70.35
Polarised, Transition and Air Anthracite F3 for $127.95
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