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TANKS A LOT: HUSQVARNA 701 ENDURO LR | In this issue | Quick Spin

If you want enduro bike manners with adventure bike mileage, Husqvarna will let you have your cake and eat it

Some of the talk around our campfire down in Bungarby centred around a similar theme; “gee, she’s top heavy”, “it’s a big sucker” or “I still don’t need fuel, and I want to keep the weight down”.

Our big on range, comfort, tech and capacity adventure options are vast these days. But what if you want to tackle rougher trails but want to be able to do that without needing a servo every 100 kilometres, like you would on an enduro bike? Sure, you could buy an enduro bike and bung a big tank on it, but it’s nearly always a compromise in suspension performance, seating position, ability and looks.

We love big adventure machines for their ability to rattle off bike miles and partake in a bit of dirt action, but if you’re anything like me you don’t have one parked in the shed despite wanting one. The reasons might go a little like this; you value being able to still do some trail riding with mates, you want a bike whose weight doesn’t mimic an average family saloon and you just don’t have the time to venture off for mega jaunts that require huge miles and comfort considerations.

If you tick those boxes and want decent fuel capacity, and a good bit of tech, then I reckon the LR is in the sweet spot. The Husky is a factory version of what we used to build when we whacked big tanks on large-capacity thumpers and headed for the hills – just without the compromises.