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Nip and Tuck on the CFMoto 650NK | Other | Tested

It was nip-tuck time for our CFMoto – the fender eliminator kit for the 650NK is now available and our mates at Promoto kindly installed it for us. I’d like to say that it has enhanced performance, but apart from shaving a modest 1.5kg off the 209.4kg wet weight, it really is all about giving it a leaner, more streetfighter-like profile. Whadaya reckon?

The 650NK has been doing a lot of street fighting in Melbourne traffic over the past couple of months, and the good news is that together we are becoming better commuters. I’ve worked out the ideal route, and found that the wide road is sometimes better than the short road since it means easier lane filtering. Getting to know the timing of lights has also helped, so you don’t get stuck wiggling between two cars. But maybe the best tactic was something I picked up from an old issue of AMCN: give the tin top behind you a little wave when you pull in at the front of the queue. While I can see the value of riding like all car drivers are out to kill you, politeness can also be powerful.

If anything, I’ve become my own worst enemy lately as growing confidence has led to a couple of curse myelf in my helmet moments. Oh well, every day’s a school day. I’m currently on the look-out for an instructed ride and planning some ‘different’ slow manoeuvring exercises. And as we’ve just clocked up 1000km, it’s time for the 650NK’s first service.

Fender eliminator kit
$129.00 Kenma Australia
1800 251 145