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Nexx Helmets | NEWS

Nexx Helmets are premium quality motorcycle helmets, beautifully crafted by hand in Portugal. Their quality, performance, style and price has established them as one of the most sought after helmet brands in Europe and North America, and they are now available in Australia from October, 2016

Nexx Helmets are one of the last remaining European manufacturers of motorcycle helmets, with the entire helmet production taking place in Portugal. So why choose to maintain manufacturing in the EU, a highly competitive market with high labour costs? The answer is simple, Nexx believe in having all of their knowledge centralised in one location. This not only allows them to maintain their unique position, but also as they develop and manufacture their helmets, they have complete control and understanding of their product. Doing everything in house allows them flexibility, speed of response and higher levels of customisation and service.


Nexx Helmets have a 160+-strong team of craftsmen and women who are extremely highly skilled in helmet shell sculpture, leather manipulation, stitching, paintwork and engineering. Nexx’s strict quality control carries all the way through production. Every helmet has more than 50 control steps, ensuring a perfect product. Since their birth over 13 years ago, Nexx Helmets have maintained their commitment to safety, design and innovation to quickly become one of the most admired motorcycle helmet manufacturers in the world.

CTA will be launching the Nexx Helmet range with two market-leading models, the XD1 Adventure Helmet, and the X.G100 Full-Face Retro Helmet, with many more exciting innovative models to come in 2017.

The XD1 & X.G100 are both part of the Nexx “X RANGE”. The X Range comprises premium quality helmets featuring Carbon & Special Multi-Composite Fibres that offer the ultimate combination between strength, lightness and flexibility. Developed to meet the demands required of riding and racing competition, the X Range offers the best protection and comfort available for all terrains, wherever your ride takes you.  

Carlisle Accessories are very excited to add the Nexx Helmets to our current range of existing top imported brands, and being able to supply the motorcycle community of Australia with these high quality European helmets.