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Motomuck Motorcycle Cleaner has made the job of washing the AMCN test fleet much easier

I’m the type of rider that cannot help riding through a puddle if I see it and, in general, I do a lot of kilometres on the bikes in our test fleet, and as such a lot of dirty motorcycles come and go through my gate. I’ve been using regular car wash products but unless you use a degreaser, that can play havoc with the finish of your bike – they just don’t work well on really dirty bikes. Recently a box of Motomuck Motorcycle Cleaner turned up and the pink-coloured cleaner has made my regular bike detailing tasks both easier and faster.

Motomuck Motorcycle Cleaner is an acid-free, non-caustic wash that won’t fade your plastics, damage your duco or mark your aluminium bits like a truck wash such as CT-18 does.

It’s a simple spray-on-and-leave affair and, after the recommended 10-15 minutes has elapsed, you simply hose it off and all but the nastiest grime washes right off. Motomuck claims that brushes aren’t required to get into tight and greasy areas, but I found that extra grubby areas such around the countershaft sprocket required a bit of elbow grease and a brush to get them cleaned up properly on the first wash.

The bonus is that, according to Motomuck, the cleaner leaves a protective film behind after you’ve washed it off, which prevents newly applied filth from sticking. I can attest to this claim and the next wash is faster and easier with less scrubbing required than the first time, and the third wash required no bushes at all.

With the volume of bikes that come through, Motomuck has proven to be a fast and effective cleaner. Going back to regular car washing products is just not an option for me now.

Motomuck Motorcycle Cleaner

One litre $19.95

Five litres $54.95

Distributed by Cassons Australia

Test Pete Vorst

Motomuck Motorcycle Cleaner