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More hype for motard | NEWS

The most fun bike in Ducati’s range, the Hypermotard, will lose weight and go back to its design basics for 2019. The next-generation Hypermotard will also get a name change – from 939 to 950 – despite the engine capacity remaining unchanged at 937cc.

We’ve obtained exclusive details about the new bike, which was recently busted testing near the Bologna factory (AMCN Vol68 No03), and can confirm the engine is modified to make 3kW more peak power.

The big news is the Hypermotard will lose up to 15kg, while switching back to the roots of its design. The original Hypermotard won design awards when first revealed in 2005.

We know from spy shots that the current bike’s cast aluminium seat subframe is being swapped for a tubular, trellis-style version, and a
pair of underseat exhausts replace the side-mounted pipe of the 939.

However, those changes alone can’t explain how the 2019 version’s kerb weight, including a tank of fuel, manages to drop to 189kg. We’ll investigate further. The bike’s overall dimensions are only changing by millimetres, and top speed remains around 222km/h. But that extreme weight loss and slight engine power boost should make the Hypermotard one fun and hard-accelerating hooligan bike.

Expect two versions: a base model with cast wheels and Sachs suspension, and a 950 SP with forged wheels and Öhlins suspension. With Ducati  at the cutting edge of riding technology, also expect to see computer-controlled cornering, ABS and stability control. 

By Ben Purvis