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Honda has dropped a none-to-subtle hint that it’s considering adding an adventure-style ‘X’ model to its CB650 line-up by showing the new CB4X concept bike.

Designed by a team led by Valerio Aiello, the CB4X has clear overtones of bikes like BMW’s S1000XR, with a tall, adventure-bike-inspired riding position allied to sporty, road-oriented suspension parts. With BMW itself downsizing the same idea with the new F900XR, revealed the same day as the CB4X, it’s clear that both firms think there’s a future in such machines.

As a concept bike the CB4X features a host of high-end components that wouldn’t be likely to reach any production successor. The single-sided swingarm, for instance, as well as the Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes. The frame also appears to be purpose-made for the concept rather than simply carrying over the CB650’s chassis.

What is more likely to reach production is the overall style, which focusses around the bike’s tall seat, wide bars and an all-in-one fairing and tank. Since the smaller CB500 range twin-cylinder range already has an adventure-style ‘X’, and the current CB650R was previewed in the form of an EICMA concept bike, the CB4, it’s not a big stretch to imagine a derivative of the CB4X concept reaching production in a couple of years’ time.