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The Hill Ranch Racers – Nick Ienatsch | Other | Tested

Two teenagers, two dirt bikes, two families. The one common area: A big country and a big sky at night.

Nick Ienatsch is a long standing American motorcycle racer-journalist and respected instructor on the art of two-wheeled riding. He has written a book that will strike a chord with teenage two-wheelers looking for the “big break”. And their parents.

His story is set in the wide-open expanses of Colorado but it could easily be anywhere in Australia.

To succeed in motocross/supercrosss/dirt track takes a bit of luck, a pinch of self-belief, and a lot of commitment from both parents.

This simple tale tells a common story from both sides of the financial divide of motorcycle racing. One kid will win and the other lose.

Along the way parents will confront old issues and reassess their lives.

This simple book tells the essence of competitive motorcycling and the twist in the tale is another story of redemption, and don’t we all love that.


Book title: The Hill Ranch Racers

Author: Nick Ienatsch


Available: On Amazon/Kindle, etc or contact the author through his website