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The New Year brings new challenges and opportunities for Penrite Honda Racing as they prepare for their first-ever U.S. racing effort in Anaheim, California this weekend

The New Year brings new challenges and opportunities for Penrite Honda Racing as they prepare for their first-ever U.S. racing effort, racing the 250SX West Region Monster Energy AMA Supercross. Round 1 is to be held in Anaheim, California on January 4th (USA time) this weekend.

 This debut has been a long awaited dream for team owner Yarrive Konsky, who is proud to bring a bit of Australia to America to compete in the world’s biggest Supercross competition.

 “Excited is an understatement. This is something I have wanted to do forever and now it’s happening, I truly can’t believe it. We have all worked so hard to get here and I am thankful for the great team around us. Our plan is to do our best and see where we can finish against the best teams and riders.” Konsky said.

 Team rider Luke Clout made the trip over to the US in early December, eager to get started on his pre season program.

 “I feel blessed to get this chance as I have worked my whole life for this. Coming over here to take on the world’s best is next level and I want to do the best I can.” Clout said.

 Clouts brother, Aaron also made the trip over to work as his younger sibling’s mechanic. The brother duo from Sydney have worked together for most of Clouts riding career and plan on leaving nothing behind the gate while in the US.

 “I’m glad to have Aaron here, he’s always got my back, we work well together which is so important and we both want to achieve the best results we can. I know when it comes to race day we will be ready to give it all we got!” Clout added.

 US local Mitchell Oldenburg is feeling ready for A1.  The Penrite Honda Racing rider believes the bike and team have what it takes after a solid performance at the Australian Supercross season, where he came away with third overall for the Championship.

 Heading into A1 with a clear mind and some clear goals is Oldenburg’s main focus; “I know what I need to do. I am taking this opportunity and making the most of it. The bike is good and the team is doing everything they can to make sure I’m comfortable, I can’t wait to get out there and race.” Oldenburg said.

 With a humble outlook on what lies ahead, the team have realistic expectations for round 1 and hope to grow and learn from everything that comes their way.

 Naming partner Penrite Oils are proud to bring their Australian brand to America.  General Manager of Penrite Toby Dymond appreciates the enormity of this.

 “Penrite Oil motorcycle lubricants are made in Australia but have been developed by champions throughout the world. The Monster Energy Supercross is the World Championship of Supercross and we are proud to support Luke and Mitchell and the Penrite Honda Racing Team” Dymond said.

 The team invite fans from America and all of the world to stop by and say hi.


Luke Clout #101

Mitchell Oldenburg #40