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It’s the first new Curtiss-branded machine in over a 100 years and the last-ever such machine to boast an internal combustion engine

Curtiss Motorcycle Co., named after legendary American motorcycle and aviation pioneer Glenn H. Curtiss, is one of the most historic names in the USA’s pantheon of motorcycle brands. Curtiss was an engineering visionary, as well as a brave man, whose most notable achievement on two wheels was to set a Land Speed Record of 136.36 mph (219.45 km/h) in January 1907 at Ormond Beach, Florida on a 40hp 4410cc V8 motorcycle which he’d designed and built himself. It was a record which stood for 23 years.

After more than a century in abeyance, the name has been revived with the 2018 rebranding of Confederate Motors as Curtiss. Confederate practiced the Art of Rebellion for a quarter of a century, manufacturing a total of 1300 outrageous and uncompromising V-twin cruisers since it was founded in New Orleans in 1992 by former lawyer Matthew Chambers.

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