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Just a update we started the 2nd race from 17th position, behind Gordon Shand. Managed a good start and on the exit of Quarter Bridge could see his yellow bike. And proceeded to try and chase him down

Just as a I was catching him up 2 other local bikes caught us up and it became a 4 way race. Very awkward on this circuit. We got Gordon going into Kirk Michael and then proceed to hang on to the tail of eventual 7th place Robert Hancock and Ken Edwards. We passed and re passed each other a couple of time with our different strength and weakness around the course. In the end I decided to follow as I could see his boards.

We had a couple of moments, for example  the bike came back with grass in the air scoop on the right and we  came very close to the air bags at Greeba Castle!

 Chrissie did an awesome job, coping with the higher speed and bumps, they are incredible! She was able to get us out of some tricky situations with some very proactive passengering.

 To say we extremely happy is an understatement! To have finished 12 then 11th with an average race time of 108.061 against the world’s  best beyond all our expectations.


Mick and Chrissie