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Two new retro-inspired V-Strom's make an appearance at EICMA

Having seen that adding a veneer of 1980s retro style to an existing model can revive its sales fortunes when it launched the GSX-S1000-based Katana a year ago and Suzuki has waved the same wand over the V-Strom 1000 to create the 2020 V-Strom 1050.

Don’t be fooled by the name change; the new bike’s engine is the same 1037cc unit used in the old V-Strom, itself derived from the old 996cc TL1000 motor. However, it’s updated to boost power to 79kW, 7% more than the previous model, while meeting Euro5 emissions rules.

The chassis is basically unchanged, but the bodywork is completely new and takes its style from the 1987 DR750S ‘DR-Big’ – the adventure bike that first created the ‘beak’ that’s since become synonymous with the whole genre.

Electronics are another focus for the 2020 V-Strom 1050. While the base model is still fairly tame on that front – although it has TC and ABS – the V-Strom 1050XT, distinguished by its wire wheels, has a much more advanced system. The XT gains a six-axis IMU to get cornering ABS and traction control, plus hill-hold and a system to reduce rear wheel lift when braking downhill.

Weight is stated at 236kg (wet) for the base model and 247kg for the higher-spec XT version.