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EICMA 2019 – BMW

BMW reveals new models in Milan, but where's the R18?

2020 BMW S1000XR

Based around a new derivative of the latest S1000RR superbike’s engine the second-generation BMW S1000XR is effectively an entirely new machine.

While the engine is derived from the latest S1000RR, it ditches the complex ShiftCam variable valve timing and lift system and is detuned for a peak power of 121kW – the same as the old S1000XR achieved. However, the new motor is Euro5-legal and promises a particularly linear torque curve.

The new engine required the development of a new frame, too, using the same ‘flex frame’ thinking that’s applied to the latest S1000RR and using the engine as a main load-bearing component. The new chassis and a lighter swingarm help the bike to a 10kg weight saving over the old model, with the 2020 bike coming in at 226kg.

2020 BMW F900R and F900XR

We’ve effectively already seen the new parallel-twin ‘R’ and ‘XR’ models from BMW thanks to leaked design patents earlier this year but the bikes’ official release brings a surprise in that they have a capacity boost compared to the F850 models they’re based on.

Although the 42cc increase from 853cc to 895cc might not seem much, it’s enough to boost power from 70kW to 77kW – a 10% performance increase from just 5% more engine size. Torque is also increased, now hitting 92Nm. The extra size comes from a 2mm bore increase to 86mm, while sticking with the same 77m stroke. As well as the extra capacity, the F900 engine has more compression and forged pistons instead of cast ones, plus a new exhaust system.

The two bikes use the same pressed steel frame as the F850 models but have distinctly different looks.

The F900R is a traditional naked bike, with a smallish 13 fuel tank. The XR, in contrast, has a 15.5 litre tank and fractionally longer-travel suspension to suit its semi-adventure-bike stance and styling. Its most obvious addition, though, is an S1000XR-style fairing, as previewed a by the firm’s Concept 9Cento.

BMW Concept R18/2

We really expected BMW to wheel out the full production version of its forthcoming 1800cc boxer cruiser at EICMA this year, but instead, we’ve been treated to another concept version of the forthcoming machine.

Earlier this year we sew the Concept R18, with retro-inspired, unfaired cruiser styling. Now we get the Concept R18/2 that takes the same basic chassis and engine and adds a small nose fairing, teardrop tank and custom-style rear fender along with alloy wheels instead of wires.

Spy shots have already revealed that there will be multiple versions of the production R18 when it’s finally released, and the Concept R18/2 is more than likely to represent at least one of the eventual styles that will be offered.