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RS660 based Tuono concept likely to see production

With the advent of the production-ready Aprilia RS660 twin it’s no surprise to see that Aprilia is also working on a naked Tuono based on the same engine and chassis.

Details are scant but Aprilia says the Tuono’s 660 twin is retuned from the 100hp RS660 to make 95hp, presumably with a boost in torque to make up for the lost horses. The chassis is the same half-frame used on the RS660, with the engine – derived from the front two cylinders of the RSV4 1100 motor – as a structural component.

Although called a ‘concept’ the Tuono is destined for production and won’t change much. Aprilia even says that there will be a detuned 34kW version to suit the European A2 licence category.