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Performance gains, increased reliability, and improved ergonomics for new Beta Evo MY 2020 range

Extensive development and technical refinement work carried out by Beta engineers at their Tuscany base last year, has resulted in the production of an engine which provides even better performance and reliability than previous models. The new Evo MY 2020 models also represent a further evolution in terms of design and ergonomics.

 With experience gained over the years spent on race tracks, this year’s Beta Factory Team made up of James Dabill and Benoit Bincaz, has been able to transfer all that technological know-how to the new Trials range, giving amateurs and professionals access to Beta’s highly-evolved bike technology.

The 2-stroke version is available in four different engine sizes: 125, 250, 300 & 300 SS.  “SS” stands for “Super Smooth”, which offers a smoother character compared to the standard version. The 4-stroke model, on the other hand, comes with the usual 300cc engine which provides an impeccable combination of performance and ease-of-use.

Beta has focussed heavily on chassis, fork, design and ergonomic improvements for the MY2020 range. All 2 & 4-stroke engines, including the 300 SS have revised engine timing curves for improved engine responsiveness, building on the major engine updates of the 2019 model range.

MY2020 upgrades

  • New front headlamp cowl
  • New tank shell
  • New mapping selector switch
  • New rear fender with new LED taillight 
  • New fork setting
  • New anodized gear shift lever and foot brake lever, while the 2T models get a new anodised cylinder head.
  • New graphics and colours.

Beta expects the new range to be available in Australia in November, with pricing to be advised soon.




Australian availability: November 2019

Pricing: TBA