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Bayliss Reigns Supreme in NSW Supermoto State Title | Off-Road

In front of a super-keen crowd of 1500 at Port Macquarie’s AwesomeDrive, the perennially competitive Troy Bayliss took home yet another championship crown.

TB21 is the 2018 NSW State Supermoto Champion, taking the title in a hard-fought cross-promotional event run by Damien Cudlin’s MotoStars.

“The racing at the front was fantastic,” Cudlin said after the event.  “And the battles between Troy Bayliss and Tom Toparis were thrilling to watch. Troyshowed the class he is respected for, and was simply too good for the field this year. He was just as popular with the car crowd as he is with the bike fans too!”

Motostars hosted its reborn NSW Supermoto championship alongside AwesomeDrive’s Drift Car event on 27 May this year, enthralling both disciplines’ supporters with loads of hard-nosed racing.

“We wanted to resurrect the NSW Supermoto Championships of old,” Cudlin explained. “And when the opportunity came for MotoStars to join AwesomeDrive’s Drift Car event, we figured this would be a great chance to showcase this sport to a new audience, and confirm who was the best Supermoto rider in NSW.”

That was very much confirmed with Troy Bayliss’s clean sweep of the three Pro Super Moto races. Tom Toparis kept him honest, and was clearly faster in the dirt than Troy in races two and three. But Tom’s overtaking attempts caused him to overcook the corners and he just couldn’t make the passes stick. It did make for great racing and it did keep Troy on his toes.

The results sheet at the end saw Troy Bayliss in first, Tom Toparis in second, and Brent Rowe in third. A luckless Aaron Watson got a flat tyre in qualifying forcing him to start from the rear of the grid in all three races and taking him out of contention for a run at the podium.

Damien Cudlin was hugely pleased with the event and has promised to bring it back next year.

“The cross-over with Drift Cars kept a massive crowd entertained and really gave the event a unique character. We expect next year’s event to be even better!”

Image Credit: MotoStars