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A road racer and a motocross champ spend a day on a pair of 700cc supermotos. What could possibly go wrong?

Riding a bike is such a privilege in Australia; we have some of the world’s best roads, both on and off the tarmac that can lead to all kinds of adventures many people only read about. The text read: ‘Husqvarna 701 Supermoto test with Todd Waters. You keen?’ Going for a burn around the Gold Coast hinterland with a motocross legend to find out what the 2020 model could do didn’t need much considering.

I had never met Todd, but his achievements and accolades are something only a few riders manage to accomplish in a career. With a pair of Husqvarna 701s at our disposal, going for a ride together on what are basically high powered motocrossers with road wheels is definitely a bucket list day out. To make it even more interesting our photographer, Matty McFerran, an ex-Nitro Circus freestyle rider, was there to capture it all and give us a little extra encouragement at every opportunity. I’m just glad we didn’t end up on the evening news.

Check out the full story in the current issue for all the 701 antics