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Road test Suzuki GSX-S1000Z | BIKE TESTS

Suzuki has kept most things the same on its new-model GSX-S1000 – especially its incredible value for money

Suzuki was a late arrival to the supernaked class, releasing its GSX-R1000-derived contender in 2015. Since then, the Japanese manufacturer has been channelling a fair chunk of its resources into the development of the championship-winning GSX-R1000R, meaning some of the other bikes in its range have remained mostly unchanged. In the case of the GSX-S1000, this is understandable; it makes zero economic sense to release a revamped supernaked ahead of an all-new flagship superbike. This means that for 2018 the GSX-S1000 has received only a handful of changes, but as I quickly discovered, it is still a leader when it comes to bang for bucks.

The key thing you need to know about this bike is the price: the GSX-S1000 will set you back just $15,190 (+ ORC). It’s a Suzuki, it’s powered by a four-cylinder 999cc engine derived from the legendary K5 GSX-R1000, and it’s still around $15k. Start selling!

But, of course, there’s a little more to it than that.

So let’s get up to speed… The 2018 model comes in two variants, standard and Z (GSX-S1000Z), but the only difference between the two is colour, or the absence thereof for the Z version– it’s all-black. Technically the two bikes are identical.

For the 2018 model year, the big naked Gixxer gets a back-torque-limiting clutch, stiffer brake lines, a smidgen more power and improved fuelling. It is now Euro 4 compliant too.

While the bike has been a guest at Gassit Garage before, a fortnight spent zipping back and forth through the Royal National Park reminded me just how awesome it is for the price. Because I’m a big guy, now into middle age, supernakeds are generally my favourite bikes for everyday riding fun. They have more power than you will ever need, comfort and easy handling. And it’s in these areas where the GSX-S1000 shines.

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