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Bike Tests | Used Bikes
Bike Tests / Used Bikes
01 May 2020


There’s much more to the Dorsoduro 1200 riding experience than you’d think at first glance

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
28 April 2020


Kawasaki’s multi-purpose middleweight offers LAMS buyers a heap of motorcycling options

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
28 May 2019


Honda’s CBR600 was born in 1987, but it took another six years before it gained wide-spread acceptance Down Under

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
24 April 2019

José & the Amazonas

Like the dinosaurs, the Amazonas was born enormous and has since disappeared. But a passionate craftsman is trying to rekindle the flame of Brazil’s forgotten myth

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
22 March 2019

Quickspin - 1928 Böhmerland Touring sidecar

It may look like just another whacky early-model contraption, but motorcycling has a few things to thank the Böhmerland for 

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
04 March 2019

Yamaha SR500 – The Real Intellectuals

Owners of a trendy hangout for bikers in Athens started an equally trendy annual race. This is the bike they built to enter

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
13 February 2019

Ducati 900/1000 Monster 1994-2006

The funny thing about the Ducati Monster, the best-seller that kept the Bologna factory’s doors open during a very lean period, is that Ducati purists, the Ducatisti, struggled to appreciate it. Learning to love a naked hooligan bike was a big ask to many of the rusted-on fans

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
03 February 2019

Custom Cool Yamaha XSR700

The 1980s was an era when motorsport was full of radical prototypes financed by big tobacco. Here’s a homage, sans the health concerns

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
24 December 2018

HONDA VFR800F 1998-2013

Despite stumbling early with V4-powered bikes, Honda mastered the concept, as demonstrated by the VFR800

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
16 December 2018

Custom cool - VTR Customs BMW R 80 RT Polizia 1.9

There’s a perverse pleasure at play when you take an ex-police bike a turn it into supercharged NOS-fed drag racer

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
10 December 2018

Harley-Davidson VRSC 2001-2017

Design input from Porsche and liquid cooling?! The V-Rod’s launch turned the world of old-school Harley on its air-cooled head

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
04 December 2018

Classified Moto's Junior Honda CT70 scrambler

Having both custom bikes and a custom shop, John Ryland is 2-for-2 in the dreams-made-real stakes. But he had one left