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22 November 2018

AMCN Rides - Clyde Mountain NSW South Coast

There’s only one thing better than the New South Wales South Coast, and that’s a quick gallop through it on a motorcycle

18 November 2018

Nelson-Rigg Hurricane and Journey Backpacks

Hitting the road for a few days of riding one of the great joys of life, as long as you have a suitable way to carry your gear.

11 November 2018

Eight products to not leave home without

Andy ‘Strapz’ White reveals the eight products he never leaves home without

29 October 2018

Topgear just in

Alpinestars Belize Drystar oiled leather boot The Alpinestars Belize Drystar oiled leather boot has a waterproof membrane. The boot is designed to offer flexibility and comfort and features include a TPU shift pad, a replaceable EVA foot bed, and both shin plate and instep buck

24 October 2018

AMCN Rides Northeast Tasmania

It’s one of Tasmania’s most infamous roads, but well worth the mettle required to make the summit

22 October 2018


There are many ways to beat the boring bits en-route to Phillip Island We regularly hear of riders coming from every state and territory across the country, and the routes they take to get there often form the highlight of a riding holiday out on the bike. Motorcyclists making

21 October 2018

Macna Vosges Night Eye Jacket

You may have seen me in the pages of AMCN lately wearing the Macna Command Plus Camo jacket, which retails for $299.95. It’s a great price for a great-quality jacket, but now I think I have found something better, Macna’s Vosges Night Eye jacket. It’s a heavyweight, qualit

19 October 2018

Kabuto RT-33 Helmet

Change the Prime Minister, change my helmet. That’s my motto, so I’ve been getting through a few helmets lately. After being knocked over by the impressive quality and comfort of the Kabuto Aeroblade 5 helmet, which retails for under $500 ($479.95), I decided to step up to th

18 October 2018

Nelson-Rigg Hurricane and Journey Backpacks

Backpacks are an important part of a rider’s kit, but we want to know if motorcycling-specific packs are all they’re cracked up to be

08 October 2018


I’ve been complaining for a while about having trouble finding a race boot that doesn’t flap around on my foot – cos chickens have fatter ankles than I do. The search for a new boot to replace my current comfortable but well-passed-their-use-by-date pair has been dragging o

02 October 2018

AGV Veloce S helmet

The last AGV helmet I wore was uncomfortable from day one and it never improved. So I was hesitant when the new AGV Veloce S helmet lobbed on my desk. That was quite a few years ago to be fair, and the Veloce S I’ve now been sent looked much better than the old K3 I’d lamen

27 September 2018

AMCN Rides - Southeast Queensland

Excellent corners, beaut scenery and a cool place to watch the world go by. This is Southeast Queensland at its best