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17 June 2019

CFMoto’s latest offering is proving the Made-in-China stigma is rapidly receding

Really, it was inevitable. Just like products of the Japanese industry half a century ago, Chinese motorcycles are increasingly no longer the cheap but not always cheerful products they used to be. These days, they’re increasingly well-engineered and soundly constructed, with

Tested / Rides
14 June 2019

Zero has created a bike that will change your mind on emission-free motorcycling

In terms of performance, handling, practicality, or, frankly, plain old fun, there’s never been the basis to make a direct comparison between internal combustion and electric-powered motorcycles. But the arrival of the all-new American-made Zero SR/F changes that. Check out

03 June 2019

AMCN Rides - West Coast Tasmania

Beautiful, remote and rugged. Motorcycle riding doesn’t get much better than this

30 April 2019

AMCN Rides - The Braidwood Road

A southerly strop for NSW riders, this is a magic ribbon of tar

10 April 2019

NSW Mid North Coast

Cos no one should opt to sit on a boring freeway if they don’t have to

16 February 2019

AMCN rides - Central Tasmania

Just when you think Tasmania doesn’t get any better…

29 January 2019

AMCN Rides - Rocky Mountains, Canada

Forget the famous Rocky Mountaineer. All you need is your helmet and gloves

21 January 2019

2018 BMW GS Enduro

What does a road racer find more daunting than an off-road BMW GS Safari?

21 January 2019

Linga Longa Inn

Nestled in the middle of some the country’s best riding, the Linga Longa Inn is the perfect spot to wash the day down

27 December 2018

Australia’s best motorcycle hangouts - Moo Moo Roadhouse

A welcoming pit-stop along the smoothest section of twisties on the Old Pacific Highway

07 December 2018

Nevermind Adventures - The reconceive idea

If you want launch a successful motorcycle business in a declining industry, you need to think outside the box

22 November 2018

AMCN Rides - Clyde Mountain NSW South Coast

There’s only one thing better than the New South Wales South Coast, and that’s a quick gallop through it on a motorcycle