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Gassit Garage | Long Term
Gassit Garage / Long Term
02 March 2018

The year is up with our CFMoto 650NK

For almost 12 months we used the CFMoto 650NK to commute and cover general office duties, and did some great weekend rides on our way to clocking up around 5000km. For this novice rider it’s been a steadfast steed and we built up a strong bond through summer and winter. Havin

Gassit Garage / Long Term
17 December 2017

Yamaha MT-10 Striptease

Who has a Yamaha MT-10 and thinks it is awesome? Summer is here so it’s time to strip our MT-10 Long Termer back to a proper naked bike. We have plenty planned for the big girl in 2018. stay tuned. The warmer weather is here so now it is time to strip all the touring gear fr

Gassit Garage / Long Term
11 December 2017


The little KTM 390 Duke has arrived at Gassit HQ, and will be editor Dobie's daily rider for the next couple of months.

Gassit Garage / Long Term
23 November 2017

CFMoto gets exhausted

Funny thing about bikes: almost as soon as you get one home, you start changing stuff.

Gassit Garage / Long Term
23 November 2017

Yamaha MT-10 gets busted

The days may be warming up, but the mornings are still quite chilly. It’s a 90-minute each way journey to the office for me, so comfort is a big deal, and the reason I have left the touring screen on the Yamaha MT-10. However, the screen was only keeping the wind blast off my c

Gassit Garage / Long Term
10 October 2017

What’s in a donk?

Are you a newbie to newton-metres or coy about kilowatts? Don’t know your head nuts from your bottom end, and too afraid to ask what your thrust flange looks like? Listen up

Gassit Garage / Long Term
02 October 2017

Quickspin on the Benelli BN302

Can Benelli muscle into the crowded LAMS nakedbike segment with the BN302?

Gassit Garage / Long Term
29 September 2017

CFMoto 650NK

In between a full roster of quick spins here in the Melbourne office, the CFMoto long-termer has been powering on – and continuing to impress. Next step will be to fit the slip-on Musarri muffler that recently arrived from Screaming Demon in Western Australia, but in the mea

Gassit Garage / Long Term
28 September 2017

Sol Invictus Nemesis XY400

We are coming to the end of our café racer road trip with the long-term Nemesis

Gassit Garage / Long Term
10 September 2017

Long Term Ride - Yamaha MT-10

As if it needed it, Dyno Dave takes our long-term excitement machine up a notch

Gassit Garage / Long Term
29 July 2017

Yamaha MT-10 metamorphosis

Our quest to demonstrate the versatility of AMCN’s Yamaha MT-10 long-termer continues to gather momentum.

Gassit Garage / Long Term
25 July 2017

Check-up time - CFMoto 650NK

Believe it or not, there are a few things that AMCN does not know about motorcycles. One of them is how today’s bikes get on after a couple of years.