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Gassit Garage | Long Term
Gassit Garage / Long Term
03 June 2019

Living With Triumph Street Twin

There are no marks on the Street Twin (just one on the rider)

Gassit Garage / Long Term
29 April 2019

Yamaha Niken

We have so many questions of this bike, a single test was never going to cut it. But six months will!

Gassit Garage / Long Term
19 April 2019

Triumph Street Twin

Now the first-date nerves have passed, we spend a bit more time and find what about the Street Twin makes us tick

Gassit Garage / Long Term
07 April 2019

Living With - Triumph Street Twin

A smidgen over $14K and made in Thailand, can this thoroughly modern reinvention really live up to its iconic legacy?

Gassit Garage / Long Term
14 February 2019

Living with the Royal Enfield Himalayan

“It’s the same formula but they’re two totally different bikes, eh?” offered my riding mate Andy as we gulped down water after a particularly difficult section of cricket ball-sized rocks. He was on his kitted-out Suzuki DR-Z400 and I was on a Royal Enfield Himalayan. And

Gassit Garage / Long Term
30 December 2018

Living with the Yamaha Mt-10

As Dobie exits stage left, he ponders taking the MT-10 with him

Gassit Garage / Long Term
09 December 2018

Living with the Yamaha Bolt C-Spec

Cos it’s out of your comfort zone where you can learn the most

Gassit Garage / Long Term
02 November 2018

Living with the Benelli TRK502

Benelli has been churning out good quality small- to mid-capacity motorcycles by the trailer load of late, among them its first parallel-twin, long-legged touring machine. But what adventure touring might mean to the old-but-new Eurasion brand would surely translate to something

Gassit Garage / Long Term
11 October 2018

Yamaha MT-10

With some track time on the cards for our MT-10 Long Termer, we decided to go with some sticky new rubber

Gassit Garage / Long Term
07 October 2018

Setting up your home workshop- part 3

There comes a time in every home mechanic’s apprenticeship when lubing the chain and checking tyre pressures just doesn’t satisfy your inner urge to tinker. Let’s get serious

Gassit Garage / Long Term
07 October 2018

Yamaha NMax 155

Sometimes it’s not what you’ve got, but it’s how you use it that counts

Gassit Garage / Long Term
20 September 2018

Living with Benelli TRK 502

Three ways to turn a 2000km dash over a (very) long weekend from good to great