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Gassit Garage | How To
Gassit Garage / How To
12 August 2019


10 Tips to ensure the ride of your life doesn't end up being one to forget

Gassit Garage / How To
17 July 2019

Five question you've always wanted to ask

All the gears and no idea? Here are five dumb questions you’ve been afraid to ask about ’boxing clever'

Gassit Garage / How To
04 June 2019

How to do stuff - Resurrection PART VII

In part seven of our series on resurrecting and old bike on the cheap, we opt for a repair over replace on one of a bike’s most important components

Gassit Garage / How To
20 May 2019

BMW R 1250 GS engine’s ShiftCam technology explained

The drive of BMW Motorrad’s team of engineers led by Norbert Klauer, its Head of Drive Train Development, to produce increased power and torque across the entire rev range of both the horizontally opposed R 1250 GS as well as the inline-four cylinder S 1000 RR. It also enhances

Gassit Garage / How To
17 May 2019

Get her goin’ Part Six

It’s tempting to start it up now, but the front end needs attention first. Lucky we checked – the news isn’t good…

Gassit Garage / How To
12 April 2019

Do stuff  - Basic resto

In part five of our 10-part series on resurrecting an old dunger on the cheap, it’s time to spark up the electrical system

Gassit Garage / How To
07 April 2019

Suzuki rethinks the motorcycle

Just cos it’s the way it’s always been done, the modern and accepted way we currently package a motorcycle may not necessarily be the best and only way

Gassit Garage / How To
01 April 2019

Basic Resto

How to do stuff

Gassit Garage / How To
13 February 2019

How they do stuff - Navigating Dakar

The first thing to learn is that the quickest way from A to B is via X, Y and Z

Gassit Garage / How To
06 January 2019

Basic resto Part 3 - Get her goin’

We’ve changed the oil and filter and there’s no sign of any water in the engine’s bottom end. So what’s next?

Gassit Garage / How To
10 December 2018

How to do stuff - Basic resto (Part 2)

So you’ve removed the tank and managed free the pistons inside the bore, here’s our next instalment of getting an old or damaged bike going

Gassit Garage / How To
21 November 2018


In this multi-part serties, we’ll show you how get a bike back to a rideable state on a limited budget