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Gassit Garage
Gassit Garage
27 January 2019

Fast talk - Cru Halliday

Cru Halliday had one job to do in 2018, win the Supersport title for Yamaha and with it, maybe a shot at returning to the Superbike class

Gassit Garage
25 January 2019

Aussies overseas

There’s plenty of Aussie talent chasing their dreams in among the world’s best

Gassit Garage
22 January 2019

On the ranch with Valentino - VR46 Motor Ranch

Deep in the Italian countryside Valentino Rossi is building an Italian renaissance in MotoGP, while having one hell of a blast at the same time

Gassit Garage
21 January 2019

Fast talk - Troy Herfoss

Extreme focus. Meticulous preparation. Troy Herfoss reveals what it takes to win back the biggest prize in Australian road racing

Gassit Garage
19 January 2019

Ana Carrasco

When Ana Carrasco crossed the finish line at Many Cours in September she made history by becoming the first ever female to win a non-gendered FIM World Championship.

Gassit Garage
18 January 2019

Interview with Marc Marquez

MotoGP’s 2018 world champ on life, crashing and why he can still go faster

Gassit Garage
15 January 2019

Revolving racer - Tommy Edwards

WSSP300 season debrief

Gassit Garage
12 January 2019

Where are they now? Patrick Bruce

Patrick Bruce - merchant seaman and motorcycle racer

Gassit Garage
09 January 2019

Not forgotten - Kevin Rohrlach

Faster, harder, longer and further was Big Rev Kev’s way of life

Gassit Garage
08 January 2019

Built to last

It’s official. Retro motorcycles are a market niche that is here to stay. Many of us former Seventies longhairs were sceptical of this sales segment when it suddenly got legs five years ago. We thought it was a fad that would fade. But the world’s biggest motorcycle expo, Mil

06 January 2019

Pit Lane - Is the Doc out of patience?

The trouble with writing about Rossi is that you never know quite what he is going to do next. The Doctor is massively talented, ruthlessly charming, reliably Sunday-fast, and infused with a competitive spirit beyond the understanding even of some of his on-track rivals, let alon

06 January 2019

Basic resto Part 3 - Get her goin’

We’ve changed the oil and filter and there’s no sign of any water in the engine’s bottom end. So what’s next?