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Yamaha’s stand-up three-wheeler | Local | News

From straight ahead this new Yamaha patent appears to show something very much like its existing Tricity leaning three-wheeler. But the side view reveals it’s actually rather different.

Nearly as short as it is wide, it combines the tried and tested leaning two-wheeled front suspension system with a stubby electric powertrain. But there’s no seat – you stand on platforms mounted either side of the rear wheel.

Those platforms are attached to the front suspension rather than the rear, so your feet are active in the leaning process. Rather than simply standing still atop the trike, you lift your inside foot and extend your leg on the other side during corners. As well as making for a more involving riding experience, the design means the foot plates can be mounted low but won’t hit the ground in corners.

Will this patent result in a production machine? We hope so! But it’s unlikely, even though it’s easy to imagine such vehicles proving useful as low-speed, short-range city transport. However, don’t be surprised to see a concept version apears on the show scene soon.

By Ben Purvis