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Willowbank MX is excited to announce the opening of a new natural terrain motocross track to operate alongside its existing MX track, senior stadium track, junior stadium track and rut track.

Willowbank MX is open to juniors, seniors and vintage riders. Stage one has been open since February and includes a main 1.6km MX track, a senior stadium track, a separate junior stadium track, a pee wee track and a flat rut track.

“We sought feedback from riders to see what they wanted to see in future stages,” said track manager Matt McGahey. “Many riders said that they loved and missed Hayworth Park so the new track was designed with that in mind, and with input from park owner Matt Hayworth.

“This 2km track is in the final testing stage. We asked several national pro riders such as Luke Stykes and Robbie Marshall to provide feedback.

“Based on the feedback we have altered the layout, made the track longer so the pro riders could have over a two minute lap time and also added a rhythm section.

“The second track is more open and flowing and has sand sections, which provides a different riding experience,” Mr McGahey said. “It’s really exciting to be involved in a project that will change the face of motocross in Queensland.

“At the moment, a lot of riders are travelling over two hours each way to get to safe places to ride, and this will allow Brisbane and Ipswich residents to have somewhere local.”

Only 12 percent of our ticket sales have come from the local area, meaning 88 percent of our riders are driving long distances to get to us.

“We are differentiating ourselves with our track preparation and grooming.” Said Geoff Gibson, Park Operations Manager. “We groom our tracks Wednesday through to Sunday, leaving the tracks with ruts in them on Mondays and Tuesdays so that riders can practice in race conditions and improve their skills.”

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