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British speedway season is go! | Off-Road | Sport

The 2017 British speedway season will burst into life soon with the usual contingent of Australian riders spread across the teams in all three tiers of competition.

There’s been a shake-up in teams, naming of the leagues, and even the venues, with one of the series’ longest-running tracks – Coventry – not operating this year. 

Along with Coventry, the Lakeside Hammers are also missing from the top tier, now called the Premiership, with Rye House and Somerset stepping up to maintain an eight-team competition. There are no fewer than 15 Australian riders involved.

There are 10 teams in the second tier, now called the Championship, and it also has 15 Australians competing.

The third tier, the National League, has 12 teams with three Aussies competing.

With many riders doubling up, there’s a total of 26 talented Aussies contesting the 2017 season.