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SMSP Hi-Tec Batteries Supersport 300 Blitz | Sport | WSBK

After Billy Van Eerde (KTM Australia, KTM RC 390) claimed pole this morning, another exciting edition of the Hi-Tec Batteries Supersport 300 ensued for Round 6, Race One

In what was a thrilling scrap for the brimming Hi-Tec Batteries Supersport 300 field this afternoon, Van Erde’s efforts on his KTM through the day have resulted in an overall race victory for the ‘Over 300’ and ‘Up To 300’ categories within class. On-track together but scored separately, ‘Over’ and ‘Up To’ 300 racers put on a mega show for onlookers at the famous sun drenched track.

Oliver Bayliss (Cube Racing, Kawasaki Ninja 300) in the ‘Up To’ category broke through his contemporaries for his first win of the weekend in today’s eight-lap affair, finishing 1.319s ahead of Reid Battye (BCperformance Junior Team, Kawasaki Ninja 300) and Yanni Shaw (BCperformance Junior Team, Kawasaki Ninja 300), who were the podium getters of the ‘Up To’ 300s.

The top ‘Over’ subcategory of the class was Van Erde, Tom Edwards (Alpinestars, Yamaha YZF-R3) trailing by 0.285 behind the front man, with Jack Mahaffy (Eastern Security Draws, Yamaha YZF-R3) following suit respectively.

The top five outright of both subcategories were separated by under one second as the chequered flag flew in what was a very clean and fast race by all competitors.

Van Eerde – ‘Over’ winner

“I got a great start from pole position and kept pushing as hard as I could from the start. I had a few hairy moments on the circuit when the tyres started to heat up at the end of the race, but my dirt track experience kicked in and helped me out. Confidence is high after a great result at Round 5 Morgan Park, so I am just going to keep the momentum going.”

Bayliss – ‘Up To’ winner

“Really tough race all the way through and no one backed off for a second. The track and the heat are really testing the tyres and by the end of the race it was getting slick. All in all really good fun out there today in Sydney.”


With the stage set for another hard fought battle tomorrow on Sunday tune in for tomorrow’s nine lap Race 2 at 09:35 and Race 3 at 14:45.

Provisional Hi-Tec Batteries Supersport 300 Race One Top Ten


1. Billy VAN EERDE (KTM Australia, KTM RC 390)

2. Oliver BAYLISS (Cube Racing, Kawasaki Ninja 300)

3. Tom EDWARDS (Alpinestars, Yamaha YZF-R3)

4. Jack MAHAFFY (Eastern Security Draws, Yamaha YZF-R3)

5. Max CROKER (KTM Australia, KTM RC 390)

6. Zac LEVY (Puma RV’s, Yamaha YZF-R3)    

7. Reid BATTYE (BCperformance Junior Team, Kawasaki Ninja 300)

8. Hunter FORD (Ford Brothers Racing, Yamaha YZF-R3)

9. Yanni SHAW (BCperformance Junior Team, Kawasaki Ninja 300)

10.Broc PEARSON (YRD, Yamaha YZF-R3)

Photos courtesy of Andrew Gosling TBG Photography