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CFMoto 650NK becoming a commuter | Gassit Garage | Long Term | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

A crucial step in turning our CFMoto into a super-commuter was adding some storage. We’ve enjoyed one of the best weather stretches in Melbourne history over the last month, but the rainy days can’t be far away, and the tired old backpack won’t cut it.

Kenma came to our aid with a couple of Ventura products: the 6L Snetterton tank bag and the 11L Seti-Moto seat bag. The tank bag attaches easily with four suction cups. I did a bit of a double-take the first time I went to refuel, but obviously you just pull the suction caps off on one side to access the petrol cap. It’s 100 per cent waterproof and has a clear panel on top for phone or map, as well as a side pocket for your wallet, keys, gate buzzer etc., plus the main storage area. All the zips have large pull tags so you can open them with gloves on.

The seat bag attaches via a ‘bra’ that goes under the pillion seat. This means you can unclip the bag when you park, and take it away. It’s waterproof, has a bright inner fabric to make it easy to find objects, and a padded base. I’ve had to improve my flexibility to swing my leg over the bag when jumping aboard, but the payback is riding without a backpack, and that has been a revelation. It’s a feeling of freedom comparable to donning an open-face helmet.

Speaking of freedom, the move from a crap-accumulating backpack to a lean 18L of storage has prompted a zen-like shedding of earthly possessions. For work trips, it’s now just lunch in the tank bag, plus a pair of sneakers and some light reading in the seat bag. It also passes the corner-shop challenge: half-chicken and chips up front, and a six pack at the back. Perfect!

Ventura Snetterton tank bag  $109.00

Ventura Seti-Moto seat bag $109.00

Kenma Australia   1800 251 145