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BMW G310 R – Aussie Launch | Bike Tests | Latest Tests | Top Sellers in Australia

BMW has fired its first shot at the under 500 category with the BMW G 310 R and just like its bigger brothers this bike means business.

The BWM G 310 R is a single cylinder naked Lams machine with a twist. Its developed in India on a purpose-built production line modelled straight out of Germany with Indian business partners TVS.

Thought and time have gone into the parameters of manufacturing the 310, with many technical features built in to the design, making it a very advanced machine for its buy price of $5,790 plus on roads.

There’s no denying the good looks of the 310 with classy lines emulating those of big brother the S 1000 R. It’s a concept we will see more of in the future as manufacturers try to connect families of machines creating a consumer bond.

In a first for the Bavarian company, the single cylinder DOHC configured engine powering the 310 has a rearward slanting of the barrel and then a rotating of the head 180 degrees which lets the intake, take its fresh air from the front of the bike and the stainless-steel muffler blowing spent gas out the back.

A tubular steel grid style frame is used to hold the package together and helps it track exactly where the rider points it. The other positive about the chassis is its bolt on rear sub frame which isn’t always the case. In the event of the unthinkable, it will be a lot cheaper to repair the BMW due to that removable rear end.

Although the bike is made in India it exudes a feeling of quality from the moment you sit on board. It almost feels like it should cost about ten grand such is the effort put into the build detail.

A push of the starter lets the G 310 R burble into life and then it’s a simple matter of snicking first and letting the very light clutch do its job at getting the bike underway. It’s all a very easy affair which needs to be the case on a bike like this designed for the newcomers or relatively unexperienced riders.

The BMW feels very light to ride and easy to control due to the geometry and lessons learned from BMWs racing experience. The gearbox is also well thought out and easy to use with no false neutrals to be seen.

The thing that strikes me most about the G 310 R is how much fun this bike is to ride. Not just for the Lams guys and girls but even an experienced rider like myself. I can see the advantages of this light weight good handling package with the ability to add luggage taking off in a big way for the German giants. Its ease in traffic and the ability to custom fit the bike to suit your size just add to its value. See the full ride review in AMCN where we get down and dirty putting the G310 through its paces.

By Steve Martin