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Anthony West (Kawasaki Puccetti Racing) Grid 12th, Race 5th, 8th position.

Anthony West (Kawasaki Puccetti Racing) Grid 12th, Race 5th, 8th position.

“It has been a good finish to the year. My start was good today but being on the inside you could either be lucky if everybody goes wide, or unlucky if they don’t, and nobody did. I got stuck a little bit and a few guys got past me. Then guys crashed in front of me, so I was baulked a little bit. I felt strong during the race and was able to catch people on the track. I wish the result was a little bit better but I am happy, as the last two years have been hard ones. Jumping from different bikes.

Now with a good bike and good team, I have started to enjoy the racing again and to be fighting for something. I have never given up but at least now it does not feel like I am wasting my time. Hopefully this helps me for next year with sponsors and finding a good bike because I think I have shown now that if you give me a decent bike within one race I can put it up the front. I am really happy with the Puccetti team for giving me the chance to finish the year and show I am still competitive.

Big thanks to them and my fans and the people who have supported me. Fans have given me money and random sponsors who have come up here and there. I do not know how I have survived the year because at one point in July I literally had ten Euros in my pocket, not I am here and fighting at the top of the World Supersport championship. Life is weird but I am going to keep pushing to do something for next year and hopefully be up the front again.

West, WSS Race, Qatar WSBK 2017

Lachlan Epis (Response RE Racing Team Kawasaki)

Grid 24th, Race 18th, 29th position.

“Today was probably the worst it could have been for us. We just did not have the pace today. We have been strong all weekend and just today nothing seemed to go right. I could not hold speed in a straight line and I just kept getting passed, I could not hold mid corner. It was really not fun out there today. It kind of sums up our season. We started out really strongly and competitive at the start of the year and then it has been an uphill battle ever since. We have been struggling more and more as the season has progressed. It is a disappointing way to end the year for us for sure.”

Epis, Australian WSBK, 2017

By Gordon Ritchie