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The Oxford Oximiser 888 | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

The Oxford Oximiser 888 switch mode charger is designed to automatically maintain, optimise and prolong the life of any 12-volt battery. It provides real-time information about the battery condition and is suitable for all 12-volt battery types up to 30AH, including Gel, MF and conventional lead and refillable batteries. It can be left permanently connected, to provide long-term battery care.


Can be left permanently connected to your ride to provide guaranteed long-term battery care with a six stage management system to ensure the battery is primed and ready to roll.
Battery analysis: Assesses the battery and determines the best charging method.
Polarity check: Checks the battery leads have been connected correctly.
Bulk fast charge: charges at a fast rate to bring the battery to approximately 85 per cent capacity.
Absorption charge: Lowers the charge rate and gives a topping charge to ensure the battery is charged to 100 per cent.
Voltage check: Hourly voltage checks assess battery health.
Oxford Oximiser 888 Battery Charger
RRP $109.95 Ficeda Accessories @ficeda_acc