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2018 Kawasaki Z900RS AND Z900RS Cafe | Manufacture News | News

The first public viewing of the highly anticipated Z900RS and Z900RS Café edition

The first public viewing of the highly anticipated Z900RS and Z900RS Café edition took place at the acclaimed Deus Ex Machina House of Simple Pleasures flagship store in Sydney, where Kawasaki Motors Australia also unveiled two Z900RS Deus custom build project motorcycles.

In 1972, Kawasaki launched the Z1. It proved to be a milestone motorcycle and it made history in the Kawasaki model line-up. The four cylinder, four stroke 903cc Z1 was rated at over 80ps, making it one of the largest capacity and highest power, mass production machines available in the 1970’s.

Today, the all-new Kawasaki Z900RS is an evolution of the original Z1 and is set to again make Kawasaki history, by marking the long awaited entry into the Retro category and being our first 948cc in-line four retro model. They did not try to recreate the Z1, which is a model that stands alone in the heritage of Kawasaki. The Z900RS connects heritage and model history, with contemporary thinking. Any visual, technical or engineering references to the Z1 have been moulded in light of the demands from today’s rider expectations and today’s riding environment.

Kawasaki have collaborated with Deus Ex Machina and commissioned their services to modify two units. The Z900RS lends its self to personalisation and the custom motorcycle culture. DEUS are premiers in this field and they have been given an opportunity to show the world what the Z900RS could become with their intervention.

With the Deus clothing label being at the core of their business, Deus ex Machina also custom build/ modify motorcycles and sell custom motorcycle kits. Jeremy Tagand, Deus Motorcycle Design Director at Deus The House of Simple Pleasures in Sydney, was the mastermind behind both of the Z900RS custom build projects. The video and photo gallery below provide an overview of the project inspiration and fabrication process that resulted in the aptly named Stone Tracker and The Goose Z900RS project bikes.

The Deus custom build project bikes will not be available for sale to the public and they are one-off show pieces that Kawasaki Motors Australia will be using for display purposes.

The next scheduled public viewing of the Kawasaki Z900RS, Z900RS Café and Deus custom build projects will be at the upcoming 2017 Sydney Motorcycle Show from 24th to 26th November at the ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour.