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2017 Honda CBR650F | Manufacture News | News

The 2017 Honda CBR650F has arrived and is ready to hit the streets.

With one of the highest engine capacities of LAMS approved motorcycles in Australia, the Honda CBR650F is the ideal street bike for riders who want a sport machine seven days a week.

The 2017 CBR650F has a new 41mm Showa Dual Bending Valve (SDBV) fork with firmer compression damping, to improve rider comfort and handling.

The new free breathing exhaust gives the CBR650F a satisfying rush through improved flow management and front and rear tyres feature L-shaped air valves for easier maintenance.  

An upgraded front fairing design channels airflow from the high pressure area at the font of the bike to the interior air box intake duct to improve performance. The new design also incorporates an LED headlight.

The high-set handle bars offer a more relaxed riding position and the low centre of gravity make the CBR650F the ideal partner for conquering corners on both the open road and in busy urban streets.

The engine is positioned further forward in the chassis for optimal weight distribution resulting in optimum handling and control. 

The CBR650Fs twin 320mm front discs and single 240mm rear disc with standard 2-channel ABS offer confident and controlled stopping power.

The CBR650F is available in two colour variants for 2017: Millennium Red and Matte Gunpowder Black Metallic.