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Incoming! Bigger, lighter Multistrada | Manufacture News | News

Ducati’s Multistrada 1200 is to be replaced with a Multistrada 1260 next year – gaining power and losing weight in the process.

Newly published certification documents from California’s emissions body confirm that the Multistrada 1200, Multistrada 1200 S and Multistrada 1200 Pikes Peak are each to be superseded by 1260 models next year. At the moment, it looks like the Multistrada Enduro and Enduro Pro will stick with the existing 1198cc engine.

Power for the 1260 models comes from a 1262cc version of the Testastretta DVT engine, with variable valve timing. The same 1262cc capacity is already used in the XDiavel cruiser. That version has the same 106mm bore as the current 1198cc DVT engine in the 2017 Multistrada, but increases the stroke from 67.9mm to 71.5mm.

In the XDiavel, the result isn’t any more power or torque – its figures of 126Nm and 112kW are virtually identical to the 1198cc Multistrada – but peak torque arrives at just 5000rpm, down from 7500rpm.

The documents show the Multistrada 1260 will have worse emissions than the XDiavel, suggesting it’s burning more fuel and therefore making more power. Logically, if it’s tuned to have a similar performance curve to the current 1198cc engine, the 2018 1262cc version should make about 119kW at 9500rpm and 135Nm at 7500rpm.

One thing that will change is the weight. The document displays weight using an unusual Estimated Inertial Mass (EIM) measurement that’s not terribly accurate and adds around 120kg to the kerb weight to account for a rider. However, it reveals that the 2018 Multistrada 1260 models will be 10kg lighter than their predecessors, with an EIM of 340kg compared to 350kg for the 2017 models.

A 10kg reduction would put the 2018 bike’s kerb weight down to about 222kg, with the dry weight dropping to 199kg.

While Ducati usually launches its new models at EICMA in Milan in November, the firm may opt to show the Multistrada 1260 sooner than that. After all, its main EICMA news will be the launch of the new V4 superbike, which would overshadow the Multistrada. 

By Ben Purvis