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Spidi Supersport Wind Pro Race Suit | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

The Spidi Supersport Wind Pro one-piece suit is up there with the best I’ve ever worn. The style, the attention to detail, and a ton of well-designed features really make it something special. As an investment, this key piece of riding gear delivers returns that go beyond safety, including great ergonomics and a highly breathable design.

We liked

The Supersport Wind Pro has excellent armour at the knee and elbow joints that extends to the forearm and shins. It’s compatible with chest and back protector inserts that can be bought separately, or your existing ones will also work.

The Italian design looks great and comes in a range of colour schemes. And the price is impressive given the amount of high quality full-grain leather used.

There are well-placed bits of foam padding on the coccyx, abdomen and hip areas, and stretch panels in areas that are less prone to abrasion in the event of an off.

The aero hump is great for creating a streamlined shape when you’re hurtling down the straight in a race tuck, and there’s also a softer trailing edge on the collar which improves comfort on the back of the neck.

In terms of airflow the perforations on the chest, shoulders, lower back and inner thighs do an excellent job of keeping air circulating through the suit, and this is especially important for Australian climates where we tend to do most of our riding in stifling summer heat. If the inner liner does get sweaty
you can always unzip it and hang it out to dry.

Zippers are robust with glove-friendly rubber or leather tabs to fasten them, and there’s also a series of plastic buttons that attach the inner lining on the leg cuff to the leather outer, which feels more secure than the Velcro systems I’ve used previously.

We didn’t like

The standard knee sliders are an odd shape and there’s also quite a bit of weight in the suit because of the all the full-grain leather used. The fit is quite small, particularly around the calves and forearms, despite the reasonably lengthy limb dimensions. And while this ensures that the body armour fits firmly onto your joints for superior protection, it can lead to stiffness. In fairness, after half a dozen track days it has broken in and become much more comfortable, but it might still pay the musclier among us to go at least one size higher than you would usually.


This high quality Italian suit comes in at a very low price point given the quality 1.2-1.3mm full-grain cow leather used and moulded body armour it employs. If you’re looking for a track only suit, you’ll be hard pressed to find better value on the market.


  • Great armour
  • Looks cool
  • Quality materials


  • Knee sliders

  • Narrow forearms and calves

Colours: black/white; red; black/red; yellow/black; black/green

Size range: EU 46-58

RRP $1399.95

Moto National Accessories

  1300 885 355

By Paul McCann