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Box on BMW R1200RS | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

As much as I love a great solo flick through morning peak hour madness or a spritely scratch with my bestie on any day that starts with ‘S’, there is nothing better than sharing a nice weekend away or

A pleasant scenic ride with the wife. But on numerous occasions my plans have been sunk with the words: “you are not getting me on the back of that thing.” If I wanted to get away on the BMW R1200RS with the bride I needed to make sure she was at peace with the perch where she would place her pillion posterior. Some of the manufactures that provide a topbox for motorcycles have a warning etched somewhere that it is not intended as a backrest, which is fine, because I am positive that my hugs and kisses has never used one to rest against. It’s mostly a psychological thing for her – she feels safer if she has something behind her, and even the panniers under her legs give her a heightened sense of security.

So far be it from me to argue. if I want to get away for some fun-filled frivolity it’s best to stick to the popular catchphrase ‘Happy wife, happy life’. A quick email to BMW Australia, who reside conveniently around the corner from Gassit HQ, and the topbox was prepared and fitted asap. Now the only thing we have to argue about is how much crap she is going cram into those storage compartments.

Darren Kersey