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Bike Tests | Used Bikes
Bike Tests / Used Bikes
11 January 2018

SUZUKI XR238B - The most intimidating racebike ever made?

It was the two-stroke Suzuki too powerful for its own running gear. But with a little advice from the late, great Barry Sheene, Sir Al managed to tame the RG700

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
13 December 2017

Waki Saki - Kawasaki Zephyr 750 – DNA Custom Cycles

After one of our readers sent in a pic of this creation from Sydney’s DNA Custom Cycles, we had to get the full story

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
14 November 2017

Second Hand VICTORY HAMMER S 2009-2017

Although Victory is off the new-bike menu, the brand is well worth considering as a second-hand buy.

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
28 September 2017

Yamaha FJR1300 2001- 2012

Some call it the thinking man’s sportsbike, others call it a bitumen burner. We call it the Yamaha FJR1300

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
20 September 2017

Custom Cool- Moto Guzzi Le Mans – Kaffee Maschine

A German building some of the best café racers in the world? You better believe it. And here’s the latest – the ‘KM21’ Moto Guzzi Le Mans Mk II

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
10 September 2017

Used Bike SUZUKI GS500 1989-2014

While the GS500 was Suzuki’s ‘Plain Jane’ model, it shared many of its sexier siblings’ important attributes

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
10 August 2017

Second Hand BMW R100GS 1988-1994

We’ve selected the BMW R100GS, a golden oldie from today’s bewildering range of available second-hand tourers

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
13 July 2017

KTM SUPER DUKE 990 2006-2011

If it’s true that fortune favours the brave, KTM’s consistent recent successes seem likely to continue

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
18 June 2017

Custom Cool- BMW R75/5 & Bultaco Pursang

Maybe it’s got something to do with us Homo Sapiens’ in-built curiosity. Or maybe it’s more to do with exploring the unknown, Edmund Hillary style.

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
04 June 2017

Honda CBR250 RR 1990- 2000

Can a 250cc sportsbike really get up and boogie? Try one and be surprised

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
24 May 2017


Nothing about Kawasaki’s big cruiser measures up short against Milwaukee’s best – except its brand-power

Bike Tests / Used Bikes
28 April 2017

2015 Benelli TnT 1130R

The TnT (standing for Tornado Naked Tre) was one of the most visually striking machines of the last decade. When the Benelli TnT 1130 first hit the scene in 2004 it was the raw power and torque from the 1131cc triple that stood out almost as much as the unique styling. Fast forwa