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06 January 2018

Aussie Scott Britnell at Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally is like no other rally on Earth. It is the largest off road event in the World and watched by more people than any other yearly sporting event.

Sport / Off-road
05 January 2018

ISDE 2017 Wrap

TEAM AUSTRALIA PERFORMED strongly at the 92nd running of the FIM International Six Days Enduro.

Sport / Off-road
04 January 2018

MX Nats 2017 Wrap

Dean Ferris dominated the MX1 category of the 2017 MX Nationals, wrapping up the title at the eighth round of the 10-round series.

Sport / Off-road
03 January 2018

Cross Country 2017 Wrap

Alice Springs’ Daymon Stokie was crowned the 2017 King of the Desert when he won this year’s 452km Finke Desert Race by four minutes on his Yamaha WR500F.

Sport / Off-road
02 January 2018

Supercross 2017 wrap

US import Justin Brayton (Honda) was crowned the SX1 champion in the 2017 Australian Supercross Championship.

Sport / Off-road
01 January 2018

AORC 2017 Wrap

KTM Racing’s Daniel Milner became the first competitor in the Australian Off-Road Championship to go through an entire season undefeated.

Sport / Off-road
23 December 2017

SGP - The Journey for Jason Doyle

Consistency, being hard when he needed to be and smart when he needed to be, were the key ingredients to Jason Doyle’s historic world championship. Oh, and toughness.

Sport / Off-road
21 December 2017

Australian Speedway Championship Goes Live in 2018 with NRGTV

2018 Australian Senior Solo Speedway Championship to be streamed live online.

Sport / Off-road
20 December 2017

Wade Young wins Wildwood

The brutal 13km course is made up of both natural and man-made terrain and competitors spend a gruelling four hours completing as many laps as possible.

Sport / Off-road
20 December 2017

Brayton the unstoppable

Three from three for the Honda-mounted yank

Sport / Off-road
12 December 2017

Speedway's Superstars all set for the 2018 Australian Speedway Senior Solo Championship!

The Australian Speedway Senior Solo Championship is back and ready to kick it up a gear, in 2018 we will see Australia’s best battle it out to take home the title.

Sport / Off-road
08 December 2017

Gillman Speedway Stadium will host the 2018 FIM 1000cc Speedway Sidecars World Cup

Adelaide’s Gillman Speedway Stadium will host the 2018 FIM 1000cc Speedway Sidecar World Cup on 1 April.