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Gassit Garage | How To
Gassit Garage / How To
17 July 2017

Dyno the Yamaha MT-10 SP

We took the Yamaha MT-10 SP to Harley at RB Racing at Taren Point to find out how much power and torque the R-Derived CP4 really produces.

Gassit Garage / How To
13 July 2017

How to change brake pads

We look at changing pads

Gassit Garage / How To
12 June 2017


Every form of motorcycle racing involves some financial pain, but there’s one class that offers a huge bang for your buck – Period 6 Post Classic Proddie racing

Gassit Garage / How To
11 June 2017

How to change brake discs

Pulsing brakes probably mean it’s time for new discs – the right tools are the key to making this job easy

Gassit Garage / How To
30 May 2017

Motorcycle brakes

Five dumb questions about your Motorcycle brakes we know you’ve been dying to ask…

Gassit Garage / How To
21 May 2017


A road-based, adult-learning approach to motorcycle licensing is turning Australia into a world leader – we speak to those in the know about the new system

Gassit Garage / How To
13 May 2017

HOW TO - Top 10 tyre questions

Our dummies’ guide to getting the best from your track tyres

Gassit Garage / How To
23 April 2017

Your step-by-step guide to setting the sag


Gassit Garage / How To
12 March 2017


Fibreglass repairs for the financially embarrassed

Gassit Garage / How To
07 March 2017

Sol Invictus Nemesis XY400 - café racer makeover

We are only partway through stage one of our Nemesis Sol Invictus  XY400 café racer makeover, and the bike has already gone from a little bit geek to quite chic. Step 1 Strip Off The rear mudguard and rack were the first to go. As the intention of this makeover is to obt

Gassit Garage / How To
24 February 2017

Sol Invictus Nemesis XY400

Check out the new bits for our longterm café racer project

Gassit Garage / How To
15 January 2017

Building the AMCN / YMA / Pirelli YZF-R3 racer

My Year of Living a Bit Dangerously