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Gassit Garage
Gassit Garage
16 August 2017

Where are they now? David Luthje

David Luthje emerged from a minibike display team to become a top proddie runner

Gassit Garage
10 August 2017

Giz a squiz and win

Send an image and details about your two-wheeled pride and joy to

Gassit Garage
31 July 2017

Revolving Racer - Josh Pickering

The stadiums are fairly small, there might only be about 1500 people, but they make so much noise it feels like 20,000

Gassit Garage
29 July 2017

In Pit Lane - Tweets and twits

The 2017 season has brought a massive collision between reality and the ownership of the world by social media

29 July 2017

Yamaha MT-10 metamorphosis

Our quest to demonstrate the versatility of AMCN’s Yamaha MT-10 long-termer continues to gather momentum.

Gassit Garage
27 July 2017

Old School - The rusty rider

Rather than being a rider aware of my surroundings and ready to react to them instinctively, I’d become a rusty rider looking for a place to have an accident

25 July 2017

Check-up time - CFMoto 650NK

Believe it or not, there are a few things that AMCN does not know about motorcycles. One of them is how today’s bikes get on after a couple of years.

Gassit Garage
24 July 2017

Grid Talk - Dr Richard Draper

Dr Richard Draper isn’t your regular team owner and racer. We caught up with the good doctor to find out a bit more about him and his team, Sugar Plum Racing

23 July 2017

Five dumb questions you’ve always wanted to ask about tyres

What’s black and round and saves your bacon from tasting like tar? Five dumb questions you’ve always wanted to ask about tyres

Gassit Garage
21 July 2017

Dave Barr - Riding the Southern Cross

Dave Barr silenced the doubters by travelling to the four extremities of the world’s largest island

17 July 2017

Dyno the Yamaha MT-10 SP

We took the Yamaha MT-10 SP to Harley at RB Racing at Taren Point to find out how much power and torque the R-Derived CP4 really produces.

16 July 2017

Akrapovič titanium system

Akrapovič titanium system fitted to our MT-10 Long Termer